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Anti Ligature Direct

En-Suites and Bathrooms

Bedrooms/Living Areas

Located in Warrington, Cheshire and supplying the whole of the UK, Anti-Ligature Shop Direct Aim to provide a ‘Complete’ Solution service for individuals and organisations working alongside patients in the area of Mental Health in the prevention of suicide, ultimately saving lives.

Our contribution is to offer a full range of products and services and in doing so provide a vast array of options and choices including personally bespoke items to suit individual needs or complete refit projects. Our Products include Anti-Ligature:

  • Doors
  • Handles
  • Handrails
  • Ventilation Grills
  • Washroom Products
  • Coat Hooks
  • Back Plates and Dispensers
  • Door Stops, Hinges, Locks and Handles
  • Fire Detection Equipment
  • Hand Dryers
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Pull Cords
  • Security Screws

Since 2012 we have offered a one stop shop service, but within the last year we have seen a shift in the types of support our Customers require, and therefore, have significantly re-focused our efforts and investment in this.

Alongside all our products on sale we now offer:

  • Consultancy Service (Surveys, Assessments, Environmental MOT’s)
  • Product Awareness (Ligature Risks, Product Care and Correct Fitting, Maintenance and Servicing)
  • Contractor Awareness Training (Managing the Environment, Patient Safety, Tool Safety, Product Fitting)
  • Product Testing and Development Service (Inc. Independent Testing, Demonstrations)
  • Every person lost to suicide or attempted suicide is a tragedy. Suicide prevention is a key factor in supporting individuals who are in crisis, and therefore, good care is vital in making a difference in working towards zero suicide rates
  • Self-harm is a key indication of future suicide and so we work closely with our Customers
  • Our aim is to provide a positive experience in the care that can be given no matter the budget set

Over the years we have taken time to listen, understand, and learn. We are extremely fluid in our approach to the way we work. Ever changing, developing and adapting to new ways and putting this into action.

An element of the care that is important to us is the products on offer which have been specifically designed / re developed and this is done by working in partnership with well-known manufacturers and suppliers.

We offer both reduced ligature point and ligature resistant products.

This should ultimately enhance the quality of life providing a positive experience of care for people with mental illness.

We hope that our actions can, and do, make a difference in suicide prevention by offering a ‘complete’ solution.